14 October 2019

Project overview.

  • Case Study Type: Investment
  • Activity: Manufacturing
  • Region: Scotland

Scotia Double Glazing is enjoying the view after agreeing a second six-figure deal with our investment team.

The business has been supplying double glazing to house builders across Scotland since 1983. In 2014, the management team had the opportunity to buy-out the existing owners and run the company for themselves. We helped them do this.

The team didn’t just want to acquire the company, they had ambitious plans for growth. Increases to production capacity and the workforce soon followed.

Having doubled turnover in the space of 4 years, Scotia’s factory was busting at the seams. They managed to find much bigger premises but needed the financial support to make it happen. We helped them do this too.

"We are very grateful for the help that UKSE have given us. If it wasn’t for their investment, we would have struggled to keep up with customer demand."
Robert McKnight, Managing Director

How we did it.

We met the team back in 2014 and were impressed. Their proposal ticked a lot of boxes, growth, job creation and ambition. We invested an initial £500k, buying shares in the company and providing unsecured lending to help bridge the gap. The management team didn’t have enough security to bank the deal and that’s where a funder like us helps make a project happen.

As a shareholder we’re a long-term partner, sharing the same aims as the company. When further funding was needed to relocate and expand, we were the natural partner. We provided further unsecured lending, taking our total financial support for the company to £1m.

The company continues to grow, creating wealth and jobs in our local community.

The results.

Increase in turnover

Doubled turnover in four years


Increased workforce by 30%

New premises

Now located in brand new premises, doubling capacity