Sometimes, an opportunity to purchase a business is too good to pass up. The only problem? Having the cash to close the deal. Whether you have the chance to buy the company you work for or acquire another business, our support can provide the answer.

Financial clout

Real buying power.

Our finance can help you get the deal done. Whatever stage you’re at, our finance solution can make the difference and leave you in control.

We’ve helped many people successfully buy their businesses and lead them on to great things. That kind of experience counts for a lot.

How we like to help.

In your corner.

We can support you on your business purchase every step of the way. Perfect if it’s all new to you or you just want some advice.

With your offer.

Our investment can be the final piece in the jigsaw to get the deal done. Simple as that.

Alongside your team.

We invest with you, becoming a minority stakeholder so you benefit from our funding but still gain control.

Finance products

Types of finance.

Be prepared

What you should do.

It’s good to know exactly where you stand before you bring us on board. Here are some quick tips.

  • Check your figures
  • Do your due diligence
  • Consider what type of funding you need
  • Decide exactly how you’d use our funding
  • Know your contingency plans

Check your eligibility.

Ready to get started? Great. The first step is to check your business is eligible to receive funding from UKSE. Don’t worry – it’ll only take a minute.

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Want to talk it over?

We’re a friendly bunch. Give us a call or just say hello here and we’ll get right back to you with an answer.

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