UK Steel Enterprise is helping newly graduated students from South Lanarkshire College get on the career ladder, by donating £2,500 to the college.

The grant can be accessed by dedicated students who have shown commitment to their studies and a passion for their chosen field.

The backing allows students to purchase equipment required to enter the world of work, be it plumbing, hospitality or construction. South Lanarkshire College found that students studying vocational courses faced greater barriers when entering the employment market as they are often required to buy their own tools. Through this initiative, UKSE is giving inspiring tradespeople an opportunity to kick start their working lives.

College staff will also deliver business management courses to ensure students are armed with expertise and knowledge as they make the first steps on the career ladder.

UKSE regional manager, Anne Clyde, said: “The first year after education can be incredibly daunting for young people as they set out to take on the world. This initiative does more than just support students, it gives them the tools needed to succeed in the real world.

“UKSE was set up to help businesses and individuals reach their full potential, and through our work with South Lanarkshire College we can help do just that, while also encouraging economic growth within the Lanarkshire area.”

Gordon Berry, 18, is a South Lanarkshire College student who was granted the funding and is now working in an East-Kilbride based construction company. Equipped with a multi pack of battery operated power tools and a range of hand tools, Gordon is thrilled to begin his new career in construction.

Gordon said: “I am very grateful for this opportunity and gift of tools. This will give me a head start into my career and I would like to say thank you to UKSE for all their help.”

Anne Doherty, head of alternative funding at South Lanarkshire College, said: “The importance of giving young people a chance to forge their own future is often understated. We cannot thank UKSE enough for recognising the ambition in our students and rewarding it so generously.”

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