14 October 2019

Project overview.

  • Case Study Type: Investment
  • Sector: Chemical Processing
  • Region: North

Exwold Technology is a great success story and one that we are very proud of. From humble beginnings, the company now employs over 120 staff at 5 manufacturing sites in the North East. It’s customer base is global and there’s not many other organisations that can do what they do.

The team are ambitious and the workforce highly trained, because they need to be. Exwold are a contract processor of chemicals, operating in the agrochemical and speciality chemical fields. The customers they serve have products ranging from specialist products for the agricultural market to de-icers for airport runways.

Established in 1993, the company and team have been on an incredible journey. They’ve expanded to meet customer needs, which has meant developing new ways of working and designing innovative manufacturing processes.

They’ve needed a partner along the way, to support and bounce ideas off. It’s great that we’ve had a part to play in enabling their success.

"It’s all about the personal side UKSE bring to the business and the support they give. They enabled us to expand and grow, to move to the next level"
Kevin Martin, Managing Director

How we did it.

Our relationship with Exwold Technology goes right back to the start, when our finance helped them grow in those early years.

More recently we made a much larger investment, enabling them to fund a new manufacturing line to meet customer need. We bought a stake in the business and provided unsecured lending alongside this.

The results.

New premises

Huge growth and now multi-site business

Workforce training

Specialist jobs in the heart of our steel area.


Ambitious team with further plans to grow.