12 October 2019

Project overview.

  • Case study type: Investment
  • Activity: Membrane emulsification
  • Project: Laboratory to industry ready
  • Region: North

We love to support ambitious management teams with ground-breaking technology. Micropore and their Directors are a great example of this. Having originally developed their unique membrane emulsification process in the labs of Loughborough University, they now provide industry ready technology from their Teesside base.

The team needed a long-term partner, to provide funding and support. Having proved their product worked they needed to scale up their equipment and their team to meet the market need and that’s where we came in.

Micropore are at the forefront of many R&D projects for some global players, especially in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and the food sector. Their expertise, in creating stable emulsions to give them higher yields, up to 80% less waste, improved products and significant energy savings, is making a real difference.

Now, with an expanding workforce, they are going global too, recently opening a new office in the USA and increasing sales world-wide.

"Following years of patient technology and product development Micropore is now growing rapidly. There is nothing on the market that compares to our encapsulation technology and without UKSE we wouldn’t be where we are today"
Dai Hayward, CEO

How we did it:.

At vital stages in its growth, we backed Micropore with three separate investments. The first established our long-term funding partnership, with UKSE buying a stake in the business and helping to relocate operations to Teesside. Our support then went on to help with the expansion of the sales team, and for the technology to be marketed on a global scale.

It wasn’t just us either, we helped bring other funders to the table too.

There’s more to us than just finance. We’ve been happy to support when needed, even if it’s simply being a sounding board. It’s been exciting to be alongside the team on their development journey and to see their business grow.

The results.

New solutions

Fully developed unique technology

Gaining recognition

Multiple Industry Awards and recognition for Innovation

International growth

USA sales office opened and global markets growing